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Dust and other impurities deposit on the surface of the solar panels reducing the intensity of the solar radiation that reaches the photovoltaic cells. Therefore the solar panels need to be cleaned from time to time to minimise efficiency losses.

With a view to overcome the problems associated with conventional solar panel cleaning methods for both rooftop and ground mount installations, we, Solavio Labs, have created a novel, fully autonomous modular solar cleaning BOT (Patented Technology) designed to work in any environment, tilt or mounting structure. 

We also use patented DUPONT Tynex UV resistant bristles in our brushes to ensure zero abrasion on PV Panel surface and maximum cleaning efficiency.

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Solavio Labs was started by engineers who wanted to develop innovative technologies and engineering solutions for improving the performance of solar power plants. All our decisions are based on what is best for our customers and help increase the solar footprint across the globe.


One such solution is the autonomous solar panel cleaning BOT with a modular design; making it compatible with almost any structure type, mounting area or climatic condition.


And this is just the beginning, Solavio Labs continues to develop and grow as a result of creating new designs, patenting innovative solutions and engineering new products. The team continues to forge its path into the future by continuing to promote a spirit of innovation and creativity.




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India: +91 9042720490

UAE : +971 4 337 4390

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